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Download Report Generation Toolkit Issue



I recently upgraded to LabVIEW 2016 on a Windows 10 computer (previously was utilizing LabVIEW 2014). I have a .vi I am trying to utilize in the new LabVIEW program that utilizes the "save to .csv file" function. I have been trying to download the "Report Generation Toolkit" for Labview 2016 32 bit software; however, have been unsuccessful. I do not receive an error message, but the Installation Summary displays "No software will be installed or removed", so I cannot download the additional driver. I know the feature is not already downloaded, as when I open the .vi, it will not run due to the missing feature from the Report Generation Toolkit.


Has anyone else had this same issue, or any recommendations for me to fix this problem?


Thank you,


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What license do you have?  A Base License, Full License, Professional License?  I believe that for the first two License, the Report Generation Toolkit is an Add-On that must be purchased separately.


Bob Schor

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LV2016 includes Report Gen toolkit as part of the install whichever version you have, it's no longer a separate toolkit. If you activate LV Pro, the features become available, if you activate base or full, they become unavailable.


Was the save to definitely a Report Gen vi? It doesn't exist within LV2016 Report Gen. Normally when loading the file, LV will tell you about missing toolkits if a missing VI is part of one.


I always just used the write spreadsheet file VI for saving CSV format (which has been replaced by Write Delimited Spreadsheet)

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That's helpful, thanks so much for the reply!

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How is it helpful? I'm curious to hear the answer to their questions.

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I was referring to the fact that "LV2016 includes Report Gen toolkit as part of the install whichever version you have, it's no longer a separate toolkit". I now just have the Base license- I used to have the Professional License, but my company migrated away from it due to lack of necessity. I instead replaced with the "Write to spreadsheet" vi, which works just fine for my purposes.

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