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Download Bitfile to NI RIO FPGA button is grayed out

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In an attempt to follow this guide, I downloaded all of what I thought were the necessary drivers, and when I go to click on the download button it is grayed out and not clickable.

I am currently on Windows 10 with a Dell 3620 Precision Tower.

I have Xilin 2014, NIRIO 16.0.0 and ICP 15.0.0 installed.

Device manager shows NI PCIe-7841R and Ni-RIO FPGA Device.

Is there anything I am missing or need to set up that has not already been taken care of? I am greatly appreciative of any help you would be willing to offer.

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Has the configuration of the chassis been changed, since you compiled the FPGA vi? On our NI-9145 chassis, FPGA download is not possible if one C-series modules is removed/added.

Also, try using a different FPGA bitfile and see if this works.

Hope this helps


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Hi Sorin,


Is the Update Firmware button in NI MAX also grayed out?





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Accepted by topic author Sorin_M

There was no Update Firmware button in NI MAX.

I was able to solve the issue by installing the NIRSER version 17.1 drivers with the FPGA card not inserted. It seems that this is the most recent driver that supports both LabView runtime 2014 (which the .lvbitx was compiled in) and Windows 10.

Thank you for all your help.



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