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Does sombody have a labview driver for the Scanlab rtc2 scanner controller

From the German firm Scanlab we have a RTC2 isa card with a dll. Has somebody already written a labview driver for this card ?
greetings from the Netherlands
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Couldn't find anything on the NI site. You might want to check on the card's munufacturer site.
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I looked at all known sites before I posted this message
greetings from the Netherlands
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Hi Albert,

    I use the RTC4 from scanlabs in labview, I don t know if it s the same as he RTC2 but i suspect it works the same. Simply, all I had to do is access the RTC4DLLL.dll which is the driver API provided by scanlabs. There is a RTC4 manual that stayts all the commands and functions you can call within the .dll librairie, it also explains the initialisation process, like loading the calibration tables.... I guess RTC2 is the same. You will have to write your own *labview drivers*, librairie calls, but it s not something complicated. Just fallow the C integration parameters when you fill the CALL LIBRAIRE FUNCTION in labview.

I hope this helps.

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hehe Smiley Very Happy  this was in 2001 Smiley Tongue
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Hi Lukasz!

In 2007, I have the same problem as Albert did in 2001 but with a RTC3 board. I even failed at the first Ctrl command "load_correction_file". Although I' m (almost) sure, that I have configured the CallLibraryFunction-node correctly, it produces the error message "An exception occured within the external code called by a Call Library Node. This may have corrupted LabVIEW's memory. You should save any works to a new location and restart LabVIEW. VI was stopped at Call Library Function Node 0x1D4 of subVI".

I have to confess that I am a physician. A reply for dummies would be very helpful as it is urgent for our project to control the laser scanner.

Many thanks in advance!

Best regards



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Hello Martin,
First, don t worry it shouldn t be very complicated Smiley Happy I work at a reasearch center with physicist and an hospital with physicians, we probably work on something very similar, like eye surgery assisted by laser Smiley Wink
1- First thing first, does your scanner works with the examples provided with Scanlabs? ex.: "Hpgl.exe" with an "*.PLT" file?
2- If so, have a look at my load correction subVI, I always do a reset before I start working with the scanner control, only once at the beginning. If the function returs :"0" zero, it s working if not, come back to me.
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Hello Lukasz,

many thanks for your immediate reply. Your and my VIs were completely identical, but after some time a found my stupid mistake: the filename had a little typing error (a physician's mistake...). May I disturb you again In case of being confronted with other problems?

By the way: We work on soft tissue structures of the neck... It was a pleasure, thank you very much for your help!

Best regards, Martin

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I thought physicians had bad writing, not typing Smiley Very Happy !

LV 2013
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It s a pleasure to be of any assistance, feel free if you have any questions.

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