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Does labview have a 2D FP high/low pass filter?

After digging through labview for quite a while, and then trying Google I'm starting to think there really is no floating point filter functions in labview for 2D arrays?  I tried the IMAQ kit, but even after all the frustration involved in actually getting an array into an "image" it doesn't seem to support floating point (at least as far as I can tell).  

Am I missing something or does this really not exist in labview?

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Hi, Am not sure whether i understood your question. what does this floating point filter functions means? Have a look that attachment. Different kinds of filters are there in LabVIEW and it accepts floating point input. If you want to pass 2D input pass it thru for loop.

Hope this helps you.


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Can you describe your application a little more?  Are you working with image, waveform, or numeric data?  If you are using numeric type, does regular floating point operations not meet your needs?

Anthony F.
Staff Software Engineer
National Instruments
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