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Does labview 2010 work with arduino AT mega 168?

I have visa 5.0 driver installed, when i try to run the program example it says"unable to communicate with arduino error(5005)".Help!!

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What example are you trying to run? I am sure there is more than one, so please be more specific.


Are you talking about the LIFA toolkit?

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Error 5005 indicates that the is configured for automatic Arduino detection (no VISA resource is wired into the vi) but it was unable to find an Arduino connected to your computer.  To resolve this error make sure that your Arduino is connected to your PC and is powered on. In addition check to make sure that the Arduino shows up in windows device manager under the Ports section.

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Don't forget to select the right port! Smiley Wink  I have been bitten by this more than once.

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