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Does PCIe-1433 support 10 taps ?



I found discrepancy in manual and camera files (*.icd) for PCIe-1433.

According table 2-1 in the manual, PCIe-1433 seems not to support 10 taps. However the manual says that it supports Extended Full configurations (80-bits of data).

Besides, when you look into camera files (for instance, Baser acA2000-340km.icd), it set 10 tap x 8-bits (80-bits) mode in the attribute of Bit Depth, and it works actually.

My question is whether PCIe-1433 supports 10 taps x 8-bits (or 8 taps x 10-bits) or not.


Grabber card: PCIe-1433

Camera: Basler acA2000-340km

Vision Acquisition Software 17.5

User manual for PCIe-1433 (NI PCIe-1433 User Manual and Specification, 374001b.pdf)


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