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Does LabView have a function similar to 'SendInput()' from C++?

I'm trying to incorporate a string or strings  to the keyboard input stream to enter some data to an application already running (I can not transfer any data to this application since I only have the  .exe file).

As far as I know, there is a function in C++,  SendInput(), that can do this.

Is there any similar function in LabView?

Thx a lot.

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That's a Windows API function, so in order to call it from LabVIEW you need to use the Call Library Function Node function under Connectivity -> Libraries & Executables. Search these forums for "SendInput", as this has come up before.
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Thx for the info, I'll into that and I guess this can be completed soon. 

Thx again.

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Hi Folks,

      I saw this post when it was new and, since then, have been fighting to get work - finally finding the solution on the LAVA forum.  It didn't seem easy to find an example of SendInput or keybd_event, here, so for future NI-LabVIEW forum users, here's an example that shows 3 ways to inject keystrokes - including a very simple .NET method "Windows.System.Forms.SendKeys.SendWait".


Cheers Smiley Happy

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Hi, tbd!

Good example, but it won't work in LabVIEW 64-bit. To get it working you will need to alter the code according to these recommendations.

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hey thanks for the example but i am looking to use sendinput dll to send mouse right click command as mouse event dll is suppressed in the windows 10 . so can you please guide me so as to how to achieve it


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