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Does LabVIEW need to know which network to use?


I have a LabVIEW standalone application installed in a client machine(Intel NUC with WiFi connected to an internet hotspot) which uses 'SMTP client' VI & 'FTP put file' VI's to automatically generate email & upload .csv files everyday.

The emails were coming everyday & the files were also getting uploaded....all was well.

Now , we had to put in an additional USB WiFi dongle(WiFi2) to link with a separate access point(not internet connected) to connect to some I.P enabled devices in the intranet through the browser.

Since then , the automatic mailing & uploading have stopped.

I have a feeling that the LabVIEW code is trying to access internet through WiFi2 and failing.

Does LabVIEW know which network to use?

.....or , if I rephrase my question , is there any way by means of which LabVIEW can be forced to use WiFi & NOT WiFi2?

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This might be the issue, I have had similar before in LabVIEW when adding a 3g dongle messed up some TCP/IP connections for me.


There's normally some metric that determines the priority of each interface. How you adjust this depends on the OS. I think you can set the metric in windows 10 from advanced network setting, but you should find easily enough by searching Google for "network priority".





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