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Do the serial port drivers for LabView 7 work on Windows 7

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I created an application using LabView 7.1 that has run on Windows XP.  I tried to install this app on a Windows 7 based PC and the serial port communication no longer works.  I have installed the latest version of NI-VISA but still does not work.  Reading through the other discussions, upgrading to a new version of LabVIEW is necessary but is there another solution?

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When you say the serial port drivers, are you referring to the old serial port drivers that used port I/O functions? If so, they won't work. You will need to update the code so you use VISA.


And, yes, LabVIEW 7 is not supported on Windows 7.

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I do use VISA.  Is there a work around if i am using VISA?

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There is no workaround. The latest version of VISA does not support LabVIEW 7. The earliest version of NI-VISA that supports Windows 7 is 4.6, and that does not support LabVIEW 7. You need to either upgrade LabVIEW or use an older OS.

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