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Do multiple .aliases files matter?

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I am trying to clean out duplicate files with the same names in different subdirectories of a set of LabVIEW 2017 code. I found two .aliases files with the same name,

  • TopLevelDirectory/Support/ViDirectory/ViDirectory.aliases
  • TopLevelDirectory/Support/ViDirectory.aliases

The files only contain values for My Computer, but list different IP addresses. Will this affect the operation of the code in the LabVIEW projects, or can I just ignore them? 


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You can probably delete both. They will automatically be recreated next time you open the project next to each.

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I really appreciate everyone's help on these questions! 

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The .aliases file just resolves target IP addresses to a human readable name. Only the file located in the same folder as the .lvproj is seen. And it is rewritten each time the project is saved.

It's why many developers add *.aliases to the SCC ignore list. Since MyComputer isn't the same as YourComputer.

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