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Do i need any extra equipment for triggering?

Dear all,


I have NI USB-6343 X Series Data Acquisition, I will collect data from loadcell, and according to the specific loadcell value, i will trigger a motor controller(which has also labview drivers), and tell motor controller to stop and go home position,


My questions are indicated below:


1-) Motor controller is connected to PC, DAQ is also connected to PC, but there is no direct connection btw the motor controller and DAQ, should i keep as it is? OR do i need to buy some equipment such as special cable?

2-) Motor is DC motor, but loadcell gives analog signal. So while triggering: Do i need to convert load cell's analog signal to digital signal?

3-) Do you have any labview samples smilar to this?


My all equipments are indicated below:

Motor Controller= Newport SMC100CC Single-axis DC motor controller/driver

Motor Linear Stage= Newport MFA-CC Miniature Linear Stage DC motor

DAQ= NI USB-6343, X Series Data Acquisition

Loadcell = Transducer Techniques, GSO-100 (Tension&Compression)

Loadcell Signal Conditioner = Transducer Techniques STAND ALONE / BENCH TOP, 0 to ±10VDC OUTPUT

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I forgot to ask the most important question,


Does every device triggerable? If not how do i understand that my motor controller could be triggered by DAQ ?


Thank you.

Best Regards.

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Why are you so confused? As you state, your program will monitor the loadcell and then your program will command the motor. There is no connection from the sensor to the motor.

The DAQ card does the conversion and you read the value with DAQmx functions. You control the motor with the driver you say you have.
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Firstly thank you for response.


I am  confused with this issue: In order to trigger motor controller, Dont you think that i need a cable between DAQ and Motor Controller?

And Dont you think motor controller should have triggering option? Or is there such an option with devices?

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You have a cable between the pc and the motor controller. You've already said you can control the motor from LabVIEW so it pretty obviously has a control option. Are you really asking if you can eliminate the pc and LabVIEW?
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