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Do executables built with Labview 8 Evaluation continue to run after evaluation expires?

Over the last couple weeks I've been tasked with evaluating the Labview environment and coming up with a recommendation as to whether I think our company could benefit from buying a license or two. In that time I've developed a couple standalone executable vi's that have proved useful for some of the environmental testing we're doing here in the lab. These executables will likely remain useful in further revisions of the product being developed, so naturally my question is:
Once my evaluation copy expires, will my executables continue to run?
I assume they will, but I thought it would be better to be safe and ask anyways.
There you go, simple question, hopefully simple answer.
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Hey Alex,

You should be good to go with the exes you build with your eval version. We don't place any timing restrictions on built executables. For more information on eval limitations see What Limitations Does the LabVIEW Evaluation Version Have?



Chris C

National Instruments

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