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Do case once while true

I have a problem that i think has a simple solution.
I've got a case structure with a button attached to it. The button has the "switch until released" action assigned to it.
What i want is that everything inside the case structure runs only once until the button is released. Then, when the button is pressed again, the case structure has to run only once again.
I've attached an VI to make the situation more clear.
Thanks in advance!
Tim from the Netherlands
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Have you thought about using an event structure instead of a case structure?
Good Luck
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Try this...the timer & LED are in there so you can see what's going on...



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Here's what an event structure would look like.  I would recommend looking at the help menu w/ examples for the event structures to get a better understanding of their functionality.
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Thanks for the fast reply's everyone!

I now know how event structures work. I finally managed to get my VI working thanks to wd8ivl's solution.

Thanks a lot!

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Why do you need all of that code when you could simply change the mechanical action to a latch type and if you knwo how an event structure works, that's even better.
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I needed it because the VI i am going to usi it in, has a boolean wich stays true for a period of time.
In that period i need to log only one occurance to my spreadsheet log.
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