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Displaying Two Signals on a Strip Chart

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Strip charts have always been my downfall.  Please see the image "Single Data Point Works" to see a block diagram of a program that neatly plots a series of points on a strip chart.


I thought it would be simple to add another data series to plot on the same Y axis.  I just added another data point to each array I feed into the "Y" terminal of the "Build Waveform" block.  When I do that, nothing works.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Forbes Black
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Open up the example finder and find the LabVIEW>>Help>>Find Examples.


Or just copy the code you had inside the while loop of your first vi with the exception of having 2 charts. Out of the 2 build waveform primitives add a build array primitive and wire that to your chart.


Hope this helps.


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See if this is what you are looking for..


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Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but YES, that was what I was looking for.  Thanks!



Forbes Black
Lapsed CLAD, LV 2018
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