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Display data from measurement to waveform graf in labview

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Hi, I am stuck with a problem. I am quite new in labview and I want to display my data from measurement. On a functional generator I have a sine and measure this waveform with a multimeter. Subsequently measured progress I would need to see in a graph in labview. I want to somehow convert string data to waveform double. 
string to waveform.png



From visa read --> read buffer  I want to convert string data to waveform, if it is possible. 


Thank you in advance.

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To convert a string to double, use Scan From String or Fract/Ext String To Number.


Why a waveform? A Chart will display those values just fine if you simply wire a double to it (e.g. test with a random number). No need to make a waveform first.


If you must, you can use Build Waveform to put the double in a waveform. The Chart doesn't need it, although dT will probably adapt if you do use a waveform.

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it does not work because I need to process this data into one


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Accepted by topic author kajo97
05-04-2018 06:14 AM

@kajo97 wrote:

it does not work because I need to process this data into one chart.


Use Spreadsheet String To Array.  Be sure to set the comma as your delimiter and a 1D array of double as the array type.  If you live in a region where the comma is your decimal separator, then you need to set your format to "%.;%f".

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Thank you very much for your help!!!!Smiley Happy

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I have similar issue with the data getting from oscilloscope. But now it resolved to some extent after seeing this post. I have time scale data in nanosecond with  very small step size. I need data precision upto 17 decimal point in order to correctly display, plot and save it.I have attached the jpeg file of front panel and block diagram.      

Any help would be highly appreciated !

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Fix the display format of your array indicator to show more decimal places.

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Hi RavensFan,

Thanks For quick reply.

I forgot to mention, I have tried with many format, but didn't get the whole digit in any cases. 

For example i have attached a jpeg for %.;%.9f. It is same as it was with %.;%f

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Not the string for the conversion.


In the Display Format for the indicator.


Right click on the indicator!!!


PS:  Please attach screenshots rather than oversized JPEG pictures of your screen.

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Hi RavensFan,

Thanks !

It seems working after setting the display format. However, I could edit only the display format of the input array  type of the 'Spreadsheet string to array', and then accordingly the output array did worked. 

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