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Display and Save DAQ raw data simultaneously

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I am new to LabView. I am trying to make a VI that continuously shows in an indicator or a gauge the value from an analog port from a DAQ, while upon user request, saving certain values of that signal on an array.
I can do each one of the things separately:
-real time displaying in an indicator or a gauge of the raw DAQ analog signal
-saving certain points of raw DAQ analog signal 
but when I try to do both i am unsure of where to put the DAQ assistant so that it samples when it needs to.
The attached VI is not working properly but you can see the 2 things I would like to have working in parallel.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Accepted by topic author Gabriel_Torre
08-15-2016 07:40 PM

Hello Gabriel_Torre

you can use Queues this is a simple way to split the acquisition part from the analyse or display part. This is the same like done in the producer consumer examples from LabVIEW.

I also recommend to set the Samples/Rate to factor 1/10 so the loop runs with 100ms not only every second. Now with this architecture all loops run with 100ms iteration time.




Hope it helps.

best regards
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Thanks a lot!, that was exactly what I was looking for, now i am looking at the producer consumer examples as you suggested to learn more about queues.
What I am no sure now is how to set the Samples/Rate, you mean using a wait block or filing the queue and working with the enqueue timeout?

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Hello Gabriel_Torre,


you can set this inside the DAQ assistent.




Now if a packet of samples arrive and is written into the queuethen the other loops are event driven and read the values from the queue.



best regards
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I will try that, thanks a lot.

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