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Disable users for "Request Control" on remote panel

We have a LV application running on a Server. Each user at the Company can view the front Panel in web browser using remote Panel. Some users could have the right to Access the front Panel and click on the Buttons through right click - Request Control.


I want to have a list of users, who can control the front Panel. Is it possible to filter users for it? Is there maybe an Event which is triggered on remote Panel Connection, with user Name as Event Argument? If not, how can I do that?


I want to grant control of the front Panel only for some users.



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Hi Madottati,


you can use the Property and Invoke Nodes from the following link to check the clients and users who connect to the server:


How do I Know Who is Connected to a Remote Front Panel? - National Instruments

There is also a method called RemotePanel >> Close Connection to Client. This method can help you to close the connection from server side if needed. The checking for new connections needs a polling algorithm, since there is no event you could handle.




Best regards,
Melanie Eisfeld
Senior Applications Engineer, National Instruments Germany
Certified LabVIEW Developer
Certified TestStand Architect
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