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Disable keyboard search in Multicolumn Listbox

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Hi everyone,


I have a multicolumn listbox that looks like this:



Also I have an event structure that is supposed to handle CTRL+C.

Unfortunately everytime i press C or CTRL+C the active line in the listbox jumps to the next item starting with "c".

How can I disable this "search" feature inside the listbox?


Thx in advance

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Hello Tesla,

I couldn't find a way to disable listbox shortcuts, but you can go to Tools>Options>Menu Shortcuts and change the "copy" shortcut inside LabVIEW (for example to Ctrl+Alt+C).

This way you won't trigger the "search" function. It's not perfect, but less annoying Smiley Happy

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Accepted by topic author Tesla1977

Catch the Key Down? event (not the Key Down event). If it's an ascii character, set discard? to true. Else, set it to false. This will effectively disable that functionality.

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Yes, that did it, thank you.

I simply discarded the scancodes for x, c, and v in the Key-Down?-Event.

And in the Key-Up-Event I can still handle Ctrl-C.

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