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Digital barometer to be integrated with Labview programme




Does anyone have any recommendations for a digital barometer that could be integrated into an existing NI data acquisition system and Labview 8. Ideally I'm looking for a barometer that can connect to the acquisition hardware we have currently and provide a real-time readout of the ambient pressure within the Labview VI we have currently (obviously some modification to this would be required). I've had a look around the NI website and can't find anything suitable, and Google turns up far too many results.



Apologies if this is in the wrong forum - I was unsure which would be the best place for it.



Thanks for your help.

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Dear Thomas


Can I ask what acquistion hardware you have first of all? A barometer measures the static DC pressure and a recommendation I have is to use a compactDAQ or compactRIO board using a C Series Module; preferably a  NI 9237 or NI 9219. Both the NI 9237 and NI 9219 modules can power strain gages or pressure transducers. 


A good link to the pressure sensors we have can be found here:


Please let me know what acquistion hardware you have and I can advice how best to set this up.

Many thanks for using the NI forums and I look forward to your reply.

Kind regards


Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK
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Hi David,


I apologise for the extremely long time to reply, but other projects came up of a higher priority.


The acquisition hardware appears to consist of a NI cDAQ-9172, into which three modules are already connected: a NI 9211, a NI 9481 and a NI 9205. There are four bays free on the cDAQ.



I hope this information is of assistance.



Thanks for your help.

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