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Digital Ports sbRIO-9632 in Scan Mode

Hey forum hive mind...


I'm back to working on this sbRIO-9632 we bought for a project a few years ago, but never used....


I'm trying to set this device up in scan mode, but the only modules the project sees are the AO and AI's (image attached). When I set it up in FPGA mode it sees AO/AI and the several banks of onboard DI/DO.


What am I doing wrong, or are the digital ports unavailable in scan mode? This isn't a killer, as I can do things on the traditional FPGA side, just for my purposes, scan mode would be a quicker solution (i.e. no need to compile between iterations).





Tommy R.
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Hello hybrid mode....

Tommy R.
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Hi Trouinky,


You are correct that you can only access the 110 on-board DIO lines through the FPGA target.  This is because of the design of the board and the workings of the Scan Engine.  Sorry for the inconvenience.




Dayna P.

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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I've just run into this. NI's scan engine support page says nothing about the sbrio 9632's digital i/o being unsupported.  And about how the scan engine works- it couldn't be modified to make this board work with all the included i/o?  That's nonsense.

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