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(Digital) Pause-Trigger DAQmx

Hello Guys,


i tried to make a pause trigger work in Labview  NXG 20.0, but i can't make it happen. Unfortunately i dont find any documentation for NXG in this regard (Note: i just recently started to work with Labview so i also never used "classic Labview). the documentationexample i tried to built is not working for me (see

F. Pause Trigger:


I was able to make the start trigger work in this example (just used Start trigger with same input).But not the pause trigger or the rearm trigger(this may only be used for counters?). Can anyone provide an example or look over mine and tell me what i might change?


The error:

Requested value is not a supported value for this property.
Property: Pause.TrigType

Requested Value: Digital Level

Possible Values: None


I cant get my head around why i can not choose a pause trigger (or just choose the value none, but then it is obviously not working)
I am gladfull for any help!


My setup:

I/O-Modul: PXIe-6386

Controller: PXIe-8821

Labview NXG 5.0 20.0 (i switched over because of the lack of NXG documentation/help)


PS: I am aware that the error handling and stop function is not decent, was rather quick and dirty.

Best regards!

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I happened to be in a thread very recently where I learned that your PXIe-6386 happens to be a "very special" X-series device that lacks support for retriggering or pause triggers.  The end of that thread may have some relevant tips for you.  Meanwhile, see this article about your device.


For further general discussion of your overall app, let's stick to your original thread.



-Kevin P

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