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Digital PWM Signal



I'm new to LabView and for my Work i need to generate a digital PWM  signal. The Length of the signal is based on a Temperature messurement and is controlled by a PID. I'm using a NI-USB 6003.

My Problem is I do not really understand the examples and how i generate my digital signal. In my VI you can see i tried to generate it by using the simulate signal VI but i guess this is not the best way to do it. maybe someone can explaine it to me how i do something like a PWM signal.


Thank you in advance,



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Hi Le0b95,


two notes:

1. your USB6003 does not support hardware-timed DIO channels, they are only named "static" in the manual…

2. you create a simulated signal with just one sample: are you sure you will get a nice PWM signal from this? (But on the other hand you will get into trouble trying to output more than one sample at a time to your DO channel due to point 1.)


You need to switch on/off the DO channel in the software - with a frequency less than 100Hz…


I also recommend to learn those DAQmx basics and to get rid of ExpressVIs as soon as possible.

Best regards,
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