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Different mfile in application (EXE)




can You please help me? I have a problem with mfile in builded application. First, I have a main vi, in which is subvi with MathScript Node with 4 mfiles. These are stored in folder, where user can change them, but he doesn't change names of mfiles. When I run a main vi, everything work correct, mfile can be changed. But if I build a application (exe file), mfiles are in firmly. The application doesn't need a folder with mfiles, but I need have the folder, where user can modify mfiles. Any ideas please?

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Hi Mishhell,


Can you upload a small example that will demonstrate your problem? It will be easier to come with advices.


Best regards,


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Thank You for Your interest, here is example. When you change mfile, for example z = x * y instead z = x + y, vi mfile_LabView works well, but application still counts with equation z = x + y. Do you have any idea, how this problem solves please? Thank you. 


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