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Different colors in a graph

Hello, are there any options to define sections in a graph / diagram with different colors?


- Example: from position 0s to 0,1s - blue , 0,1s to 0,2s gray. or a option to do this between two cursor`s`? or between two curves.


i haven`t found a solution in Labview for this problem.  and also not in the chapter "customization of graphs und charts"


Can anybody help me?


With best regards


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Not in graphs. Each plot has one color only. I managed to do something similar combining two plots.

In your example, one plot would be blue and the other gray. The blue plot would contain NaN values in the gray region and viceversa (NaN values are not drawn).



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... or you can map it into an intensity graph, where "z" is the color. (example 1, example 2)

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