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Differences in table names from MS Access 97 in mdb files and LV Table List by "DB Tools list tables"


Like in topic "Differences in table names from MS Access 97 in mdb files and LV table name list by "DB Tools list tables" (LabView 2011). I create connection via "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0". And I look by MS Access 97 into mdb file. I got some differences in this list names of tables. Have somebody idea why ? Have somebody idea how get list of table names in other manar than "DB Tools list tables" and "Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"

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I used the database connection a few time with old and new Access files. Never saw this problem.

What differences do you get. Can you show us an example.

Also know that in Access you can hide tables.



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Thank You for answer and sory that I so late answer but in the past I got mail from forum that someone answer in my post, now I didn't get it so I din't know that anybody  write something.


First foto - schowek 01 - this is print scr from database view by old Access (97) in Virtual system (XP). Red values are for my information and tell my how much data set are in table (count of data in table).


Second foto (schowek02) is from Labview 2011 with my connection to database. I remove from picture what is not nessesery.

TabNames - names of database tables.

TabCount - data count in table.
Ilość Tabel - How much tables there is.

all rows - result of sub vi made by me.


Schowek03.jpg  - print scr  of my program (part).


Piotr G.

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it's hard to read the words Smiley Happy  while there is only Germany between us.

Can you post the database. I still think LabVIEW tells you that there are hidden tables in the database.



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