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Differences between UI on PC and CDAQ Linux

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Hi there, I have attached two pictures showing some differences between the same UI running on my PC and on a cDAQ.  Does anybody know how to:

  1. Get rid of the grey areas along top and right of the VI?
  2. Have the same large font?
  3. Have a nice non pixelated looking font?

Please excuse the layout it is a WIP.  We intend to make a nice VI with custom drawn controls but if I cant even make the window fill the full screen and the font look nice we might be fighting a losing battle.  Note I have erased some client info from the top section of the images.


VI Properties:





pic2 (Large).jpg


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Accepted by topic author ashesman1

I found THIS link that answers the question about font size.  Now the fonts are the right size but look like big blocky minecraft font!!!


There is also a good article HERE.


THIS article helped me with the strip down the right side.


I still had the strip across the top like it was leaving space for a menu bar or something!  Resolved with the Window Position Setting.


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