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Difference between vision assistant and imaq lcd read



i am confuse with these two vision assistant and imaq lcd read?

when to use imaq lcd read vi?

i tell that my object is to read petrol pump display to read amount of fuel to car by using usb cam

i configure camera but dont know next step to go.

any one can guide me for this.



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I never noticed this little highly-specialized IMAQ function, even though I've been using IMAQ (and IMAQdx) for about a decade (but never to do something like this ...).


LabVIEW Vision is a fairly complex series of routines that are somewhat difficult to master.  The Vision Assistant is equivalent to an advanced Express VI that "does some of the thinking for you" (with all of the limitations that implies).  If you have some experience with using IMAQ and IMAQdx (to acquire the images), you can use the low-level VIs (such as IMAQ Read LCD and IMAQ Get LCD ROI, which assumes you are familiar with ROIs and how to work with and manipulate them) to write the underlying code that will be buried inside the Vision Assistant ...


Bob Schor

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Many thanks for time and replay!


i am attaching my vi code for your reference so you could figure out error.

i again say my objects.

 From USB camera i want to read petrol pump display (picture attached for your ref). mean amount of fuel filled in any car.

any one please help to resolve this issue as i mentioned i am not very expert in labview.

thanks in advance .




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