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Difference between DAQMX and DAQMX-base. Empty task list

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Can someone please explain the difference between NI-DAQMX and NIDAQMX base?

I have recently installed Labview10.0 and NI-DAQMX base 3.4.0 on linux opensuse 11.4. Everythinng works fine. The device is recognized by labview and I have set my controller and chassis using nipxiconfig. The DAQ assistant feature is missing and also the drop down list of task and channels is empty even though I create a new task using the NIDAQMX-Base configuration utility.

Can some one please let me know where am I going wrong?


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Accepted by topic author chiran

The DAQ Assistant is a Windows-only, DAQmx-only program.  You will not have it on Linux or with DAQmx Base.  DAQmx Base tasks and channels are somewhat different (I think) from their DAQmx counterparts.  Is the drop down list made from Base parts or is it DAQmx only?



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Thanks for your reply. It definitely clears a lot.

So for eg if I create a new task using DAQmx base and save it. When I open the labview and select the "DAQmx task name constant" from the functions pallete, I would expect to see the task I recently saved in the drop list so I can select it and go ahead with my data acquisition program.

But the dropdown button is grayed out and the same effect also applies for "DAQmx physical channel constant".

Is the problem clear or am I still ambiguous?




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I think you are on the right track.


 "DAQmx physical channel constant" is for DAQmx and not for DAQmx Base.  Despite the similarity of names the two DAQ drivers are very different internally and things like the Task ID and Physical Channels are not interchangeable.  Perhaps someone from NI could explain why.



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Hi Chiran,


Like Johnsold said, DAQmx Base is essentially DAQmx for linux, mac, and Windows CE. However, many of the functionalities and features of DAQmx (such as DAQ assistant) are not present in DAQmx Base.


The readme for DAQmx Base explains what functionality is available for different devices, as well as installation instructions, OS/software/device compatibility, and a FAQ.


The DAQmx Base 3.4 Help is another good resource for DAQmx Base concepts and function references. As for your question regarding the task drop down box not showing your DAQmx Base tasks, this is due to the fact that the DAQmx Task Name constant will only show DAQmx tasks. To be able to see your DAQmx Base task you need to change the IO Filtering of your control.


To do this you need to right-click the control, select IO Filtering, and check the Allow Undefined Names option. Now, if you type your task name in, LabVIEW should accept it.


Here is a slightly (un)related knowledgebase that shows how to change IO Filtering of a control.


I hope this answers your question, let me know if you are still having problems!

Micah M.
National Instruments
NIC AE Specialist - Test
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HI Micah,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes the reply for Johnsold really helped to understand the differences between the two similar terms.

And I also learnt that with DAQmx you have the option to browse but with DAQmx base you have to enter the task name manually. There is no drop down list for NIDAQmx base.

Thank you guys for your reply.


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