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DeviceCode in Conditional Disable Symbols




I have a LabVIEW project with two different RT targets (cRIO-9034 and cRIO-9049). I am using a conditional disable structure to have different code for the two targets in the same VI. I am currently using "DeviceCode" to identify the selected target in the conditional disable structure:

Conditional Disable Structure.pngConditional Disable Symbols.png


My questions are:

What exactly does DeviceCode mean? For example: Can two different cRIO-9034 have different values of DeviceCode?


Where can I obtain a list of DeviceCode values for different RT targets?

Best regards,
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Hi Andreas,


By searching for "devicecode" in the help files of LabView 2018, I found the following description: DeviceCode "Specifies the target-specific product identifier code in hexadecimal format." It looks like you'll have to look up the default values for each target as I couldn't find the code published elsewhere.

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