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Device descriptor ERROR -1073807174

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I'm trying to get a stepmotor controller* working in LabVIEW.  This device does not advertise that it works in LabVIEW ,but I thought it will work out.  When I run the driver wizard I get this error.


ERROR-1073807174 : Device descriptor error - unexpected DescriptorType (expected USB_STRING_DESCRIPTOR)


The device is not from NI ,so it needs something to do. 

What do I do to get this controller working? I use labview 7.1.



*Stepmotor controller is "MNET-PUSB",NPM product.



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The big mistake is using the driver wizard. Never do that unless you actually have all of the low level USB protocol information. What driver comes with the device? Attach it's manual or a link.
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There are many reasons behind your problem of descriptor request failed. one of the major problems is with your USB ports. if you have damaged USB ports or OS can't detect then you'll get the device descriptor request failed error. If you want to get rid of this problem I recommend you to update your drivers first.

You can manually download and install all the USB related drivers, Also, there are many tools which are helpful in updating drivers.

If still in error, you should check if all the USB ports are working well or not. If they're not working well this clearly means you'll get device malfunctioned or descriptor failed error.

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