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Development of Aerodynamics Measurement System Using LABVIEW for Adaptive Wing Control

Hi everyone!


This is my first time using LABVIEW and NI instrument. I have a project to develop a subsystem required in the adaptive wing design which is the aerodynamic measurement that will provide the input to the morphing wing. The system has to be developed using LABVIEW software and integrated using NI-DAQ (CompactDAQ).

For your information, my lab only has a wind tunnel and multi-tube manometer. My supervisor asked me to use digital sensor so that I can develop feedback control.


My question is:

1. What kind of pressure sensor that suitable to attach directly to the pressure tap? Any recommendation is welcomed.

2. Which NI I/O modules that suitable to read pressure sensor?

3. Does LABVIEW 2013 compatible with those instruments?


I hope anyone can help me. Thank you in advance.

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