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Determining the direction of quadrature encoder in Labview

Hi Brosa,


yes, the NI-6212 is your DAQ card.

Read its manual to learn about its counter capabilities.

Best regards,

using LV2020 on Win8.1+cRIO
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Ok Using the window where you found the DAQ device you can set up your channel as a quad encoder:


Here is how you do it.


Open NI Max again and locate the Data Neighborhood option. Open it and fine the NI-DAQmx Global Virtual Channels. Right click and select Create New NI-DAQmx Channel.


GVC setup.png


Next This window will Pop Up:

Click on Acquire Signals:

Then click on Counter Input:

Then click on Position:

Lastly click on Angular Position.


GVC Ang.png


Next this window will pop up:

You can select what counter you have wired your encoder to and click next.


GVC Channel and device setup.png


Give your channel a name and click finish:


Give it a name.png


Now this window will pop up. You will need to set up your channel.


Set Up Channel.png

Update the Input terminals to the correct channels where you have them wired on your device. Hit save at the top. If you have done everything properly and it is wired properly. Hit run and you should see the encoder counting.


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