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Determining install location

Is there a simple way to determine the install location of LabView? I am trying to automate the installation of our drivers unsing InstallShield. It seems there is a registry location, but I am concerned that the registry location changes from version to version.

In previous versions, I could query the "Path" value from "HKLM\Software\National Instruments\LabVIEW\CurrentVersion", however, this key no longer exists on my machine.

Is there another way?

Mike Bower
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Hi Mike,

I just checked on my system with LabVIEW 7.1 installed, and the mentioned registry key exists and the 'path' is set correctly.

What version of LabVIEW are you using? So, is just the 'path' entry missing or the entire key? Did you start/launch LabVIEW yet? Maybe the keys are created on first launch and not during the installation...

There is one more thing to be aware of: If I remember right, if you have multiple versions of LabVIEW installed, the key will only reference the version that was installed (launched?) last, which is not necessarily the highest version on the system.

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