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Determin the value range of array with property node

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first sorry for my poor english.


I have several types of input parameter and one input array element. I have used the enum for the array typ. Because every type of parameter has its own range, so I have used the property node to determin the range of array element online.

I want to realize that, when the programm runs and user changes the parameter typ, if any number of the array element out of range, the programm will correct it automatically. But I have found that, the programm can only correct the last number of the array.


Can someone help?


Best regards

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You will not be able to do this with a property node since every element of an array have the same properties (data type, view, range, etc).  You can detect it with your own code.  I would use an Event Structure that has an Array Value Change event.  You can then go through the array and the range limits and make any corrections (FOR loop will help a lot here).

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