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Detect highest peak in waveform graph

Hi, in the vi attached is a waveform chart reading a semi-colon delimited txt file. I am trying to find ways to do an analysis on waveforms.


Thus, I would like to begin by detecting the peak reading of each plot, by listing them in a textbox or a pop up box. Anybody can help me with this?

(PS: The plots that I'm analysing is Poly_M_Temp and TF_M_Temp)


Apart from that, what else can I add on my 'graph analyzer'?



Thanks in advance!

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First of all, simplify! You can use the 2D array directly, no need to do that fancy dance with the waveform datatypes since you are not using the timing information anyway.

It seems the first column is timing information with a constant spacing, so you could use that to set x0 and dx of the graph.


Anyway, operate on the 2D array directly. Here's some quick code to get the max and location of each column. There are many other functions in the signal operation palette. 

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Hi altenbach, thanks for your response. I'm quite new to LabVIEW, and I know my vi is abit messy. Heh. But I've taken some time to understand my vi thoroughly. Thus is it possible if I can add on from what I already have?

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Hey, I got a rough idea by using the array max & min function. Thanksssss! Can you suggest me what else I can add on?

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