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Desparate need of help?

I am just learning to use labView 5.0 with the Imaq product. I am learning
autmoation and would like to learn how to use labview. The automation system
I am playing with is assembling a flashlight completely automated. The robot
will move the final assembly to the video camera but I do not know how to
start with the labview. I want to develop a program that will simply perform
two tests:
1) take a snapshot of the flashlight and test the length (22 cm) and whether
the colour of the top part will match the colour of the bottom part (either
a black flash,ight or red). Does any one know how this can be done. If
someone can develop the code so that I can test it and learn from the example
that will be great.
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Yes I could do this- how much would you be willing to pay?
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