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Desktop PC Realtime Utility not working on Intel generation 6 CPU


We are running a lot of Desktop-RT Systems with Intel Core 4th generation CPU.
Now we want to upgrade to newer hardware with 6th gen hardware.
But the Desktop-PC-Utility USB Stick is not Booting.
Is there an alternativ way installing it on a desktop PC?

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Could USB booting be disabled in the BIOS? Or the order could be wrong? Just a thought.

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no, USB-Stick was setup as first boot device.

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Not that it's any help but there is a lot more involved in booting a computer than the CPU type.


Chances are it's a motherboard chipset incompatibility with Desktop-RT

Unfortunately, most readers of this Forum, including some real Experts, have not mastered the skill of being able to read the code that Posters fail to post. If we cannot see "what you did wrong", we are unable to tell you how to fix it. (Bob Schor 28 August 2018)
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The Computer has everything from Intel(Chipset, CPU and network card).

One PC I have has Haswell Architecture(4th generation), this is working fine.

The other PC has Skylake Architecture(6th generation), this is not able to boot from the USB-Stick.
When this is the latest documentation from NI:
Then it seems, support ends with Haswell Architecture.

The question is if anybody has already installed RT-Desktop-Utility on a computer with Skylake or newer Processor.

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@HammSoft wrote:

But the Desktop-PC-Utility USB Stick is not Booting.

Is there any message\error\behavior?


That might be a convenient reference for others.


Guess next is to determine if it's just the utility that fails a check, or that there is a real reason it would not work.


If you want to play, you could install on another older machine and switch the drive. Not sure if there are any risks involved (I'm not accepting any responsibility). It could be a terrible idea.

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You seem to have found the most recent documentation on LabVIEW-RT-PC compatibility.  Maybe an e-mail to is warranted?


Bob Schor

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