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Design a VI for giving a warning signal followed by a go signal for a Simple Reaction time task

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@ Sth,


Thanks, for your help so far, it has been a good learning experience.


I was just seeking advice from you all stalwarts of Lab view, as I have been cracking my head on the issues mentioned above.


Just to inform, this work is not for any monetary of other gains (grades or assignment), I am just an experimentar who is trying hand at Lab view, to be able to design simple softwares for self use. 


Never mind, will try to sort out these issues myself.




Thanks again





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use the PRG in LV, compare to 0.2 that is your 80:20 case.  This is standard programming calculation.


We discussed the problem of delay between screen update and voltage output.  To test this you will need something that can read both.  That number will vary from cycle to cycle.


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