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Desiging a timer with a specific delay

Hello everyone,
I need to generate 2 pulses of amplitude 5 Volts, the first pulse must be generated after a specific time delay  and after constant time delay, I Want the other pulse to be generated. How do I accomplish that in LabView 8 ?
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In order to give you a good answer more information is needed.  For instance, are you programming on a real-time target or on, e.g., Windows?  How long are the delay times?  Are they millisecond, second, minute???  With what precision do the delays need to act (this is most important for non-RT operating systems).  What hardware are you using?  How long are the pulses?  There are multiple ways to do this, but the best implementation is dependent upon all of these things.
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Thanks for the quick reply,
I'm running my DAQ NI USB-6009 to an AC circuit via an isolation. I need these pulses in presicion of Milli-seconds. The first delay would be calculated through the LabView program which would be less than 8 ms , and then the second delay would be a constant of 8.33ms. The pulse duration would be from 2-3 ms. I attached a figure of the pulses desired.
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Actually it appears that your PRECISION needs to be less than milliseconds (you need 8.33 ms, or a precision of 10  µs).  LabVIEW timing is limited to 1 ms precision in Windows due to the non-realtime nature of the Operating System.  Note that this is not a LabVIEW issue, it is an issue with the hardware that you are using.

There may be a way to do some hardware timing.  I've never used the DAQ device that you're using and ALWAYS use a real-time device for applications which require that the precision be to < 1 ms. 

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