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Dequeue element fails

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Hi All,


I was working as normal and suddenly deqeue element stopped working and I cannot discover the root of the error.  


I am trying to do something very simple, namely react to a mouse down on a cluster of three booleans.



In the above screenshot the first enqueued case executes fine on the consumer loop, there are no errors and the queue is just refereneced for the dequeue, when the program attempts to dequeue [2] I get the following reponse:


Error 1 occurred at Dequeue Element in

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: An input parameter is invalid. For example if the input is a path, the path might contain a character not allowed by the OS such as ? or @.


The error comes out of the dequeue vi.  I can run state [2] no problem separately but when I run state [1] first even though the queue is not operated on except to dequeue, I get the above error.  This was actually working but now it is not, (I'm baffled).


Does anyone know what is going on?


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Accepted by topic author SeanJ

Too embarassing!  The loop control was true, I changed it to false.  This was releasing the queue and cause the failure and hence the reason I was geting a dequeue error.


I was right in fornt of me! Argh!



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