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Deploying VIs to the RT causes the value in the Physical Channels of one of the VIs to change to an incorrect value. Why?

Hi all.  I've been registered to the forum for a couple of years, but this my first post.  I'll try to give as much info as I can.


NIPXIe-1082 chassis

slot 1: PXIe-8133 Embedded Controller

slot 2-3: PXIe-6363 X-Series Multifunction DAQ

slot 4: TB-4353 32-Ch. Thermocouple

slot 5: PXI-4496 Analog Inputs 16-ch

(The second 6363 in slot 3 is a recent addition causing the others to move to higher slot numbers.)


Windows 7

LabVIEW 2011


This code is still being developed to run a test stand, but its based on code from a previous test stand that is being modified for the new one.  There are three VIs that are opened and then deployed to the RT.  On the Front Panel of one of the VIs is a DAQmx Physical Channel control.  The control points to slot 5, but when I deploy the VIs, the control changes to point to slot 3.  None of the three VIs have been run yet.  I can manually "Reinitialize to Default Value" to get the control to point to slot 5 again, but I shouldn't have to.


I realize that there is a lot I still don't know about NI hardware and LabVIEW.  This just seems like it should be a really simple solution and I'll probably have one of those DUH moments when I get told the answer.  I'll try to answer whatever questions for more information that I can.  Thanks in advance.



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Hey Psiber_Space,


I believe you mentioned this but I would like to clarify: do you have the Physical Channel Control defaulted to slot 5? When you deploy code to an RT target, it automatically sets the values of any front panel controls to their defaults. So, if you've right clicked on the Physical Channel Control and selected Set Value as Default, while slot 5 is selected, then slot 5 should automatically be selected when the RT code is deployed. If you have in fact set slot 5 as the default and are still experiencing this behavior then we may to look more closely at your code.


Have a good evening!


--Ryan S.


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Yes, it is defaulted to slot 5.  After it changes I can Reinitialize to Default to bring it back.


Two things that I've tried during the week.  I've deleted the Physical Channel and then recreated it, but it continued to change upon deployment.  Then I simply disconnected the Physical Channel, moved it to an out-of-the-way location on the Block Diagram and then created a new Physical Channel.  The old Physical Channel is still changing upon deployment, but the new one stays intact.  It seems that as long as the old one isn't deleted, this workaround should work.  Except that the problem now seems to be spreading to the other controls on the same VI.


Just today I upgraded from 2011 to 2011 SP1, but the problem is still there.  After the upgrade, I tried recreating the LabVIEW project from scratch, but that didn't seem to work either.


I'm going to try contacting NI directly, but if anyone else has any ideas, feel free to continue posting.

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Hey Psiber_Space,


With regards to when this behavior occurs, are you actually deploying the code or are you running it interactively? If you're truly deploying the code then it should be running headlessly on the PXI. Are you running the VI from your host computer and it's executing on the RTOS of the PXI? This would explain how you're able to control the front panel elements after deployment. On another note, can you attach a simplified version of your code that demonstrates this behavior? If so, then I'll try recreating the behavior on our equipment.


--Ryan S.

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