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Deploy ActiveX with App Builder

1. When an ActiveX component is part of my application, does Appp Builder regiter it on the target machine?
2. If I want to deploy another ActiveX component (not used inside my application), how can I register it on the target machine?
3. Is it possible to install the main executable in one subfolder of installation folder?
4. Where can I find details about Application Builder settings?

Tank you in advance

LV6.0.2 - w2k and w98
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1. No, you have to write a short program to call regsrv32.exe to register it.

2. See last half of answer to question 1.

3. Don't know, give it a try and see if it works.

4. There is no good documentation on the app builder. If you have specific questions, this is a good place to ask them.


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In reference to 4, the best place I have found for app builder documentation is in app builder itself. Click on the help button on the bottom.
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