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Deleting files from cRIO using WebDAV

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 Hello All,


I have several log folders on my cRIO. I want to delete those files programmatically using LabVIEW by WebDAV VIs. When I delete, only the files are deleted. Folders containing the files are not deleted and it throws an error (Server has no access to files) when I try to delete it. I am able to copy the folder but not delete it. What is the issue here?

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What permissions are set on the folders?



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I have WebDAV Client with SSL Support installed in my cRIO. When I right click on any folder in cRIO and click properties, it shows "Server has no rights to change file permissions".

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Do you delete the folders after deleting the files? I can imagine folders are not deleted if they still contain files.


Any error out when you try to delete?

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Actually I delete files and then when I try to delete folders, it shows "Error -363516: Client does not have access to the specified resource (access is forbidden)" . Atlast, I found that Linux file Permissions is causing this issue. The solution is in this link:




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