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Delete a duplicate network device (Error 0xBFFF6900A Camera is already in use)

Hi all


I've got a camera connected and working in NI MAX (v20.0.0f0) but I need to rename it in order to use with my software. The problem is that I see a duplicate camera already using that name. When I click on it, the icon next to the name gets a red "x" and I get a message "Error 0xBFFF6900A Camera is already in use". I cannot delete or rename this camera- all the menu options when I right-click on it are greyed-out. I've also tried Resetting the Configuration Data several times



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This is one of those rare times when a "picture" (a screen shot of MAX's Devices and Interfaces entries, all expanded out) would really be helpful.  There are Device Names, and there are "device names".  For example, on my Laptop, the built-in Web Cam shows up as -- Integrated WebCam "cam0".


Is this connected to the PC, or to an RT Target?


Bob Schor

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