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Delete a column of a Waveform

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Good afternoon,


I am trying to delete a column of a waveform.


I created the waveform using the "SDW 16-bit Register" example from the "SPI Digital Waveform Reference Library" which I downloaded here:


This SPI waveform contains 4 signals:

  1. CS
  2. MISO -> I want to delete this one from the waveform
  3. MOSI
  4. SCLK

question3.PNGFront Panel of SDW 16-bit Register Swap.viquestion2.PNGWaveform observed with probe

I tried to extract the Y attribute from the waveform, which I thought would be Array, and then use "Delete From Array Function" to delete the column. (


(This would be similar to what is done here to delete a portion of a waveform:


However, I can't connect the Y attribute output to the Array functions!


question.PNGY attribute cannot be connected to "Delete From Array Function"


None of the Waveform Library function seems to do the trick either. Would anyone have any idea?


Thanks a lot in advance for your help,


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Accepted by topic author HuguesThales
05-23-2019 08:47 AM

You can use the signal subset. Select the columns that you want to keep.



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Perfect, thanks John Smiley Happy

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