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Definiton of Labview

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Dobrý den,


Momentálně pracuji na teoretické části mé diplomové práce, která se týká programování v Labview. Potřeboval bych pár hlubších informací o programu. Otázka zní:

- Labview vychází z principů procedurálního, objektového nebo úplně jiného programování?


Předěm děkuji za odpověď. 


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From Google Translate:

@lavicka49 wrote:
I am currently working on the theoretical part of my thesis, which concerns programming in Labview. I need some deeper information about the program. The question is:

- Labview is based on the principles of procedural, object-oriented or completely different programming?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Since this is for a thesis, it is important to note that LabVIEW stands for Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench.  So the capitalization actually matters (it is actually an acronym).


But to your question, LabVIEW is a Dataflow language.  It does have aspects of procedural, OO, and functional programming as part of the language.  But what is important is the data (on the wires) and how it is passed to the next function(s).

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