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Defining outputs for Unbundle By Name

How do I define the outputs for an Unbundle By Name object if the input cluster is not defined until it executes?  I have the output from a Unflatten From JSON object connected to the input of an Unbundle By Name object.  The JSON string is not defined until it executes.  If I temporarily create a cluster that defines the names and connect that to the Unbundle By Name, I can define the outputs, but as soon as I disconnect the cluster, the Unbundle By Name outputs change to type Void.  Any ideas?

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You can't.


Clusters are defined at edit time.  There is no such thing as defining them during execution.

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Ok, I figured it out.  The Unflatten From JSON object has a type/defaults input where you connect a cluster just to define the names.  Then the names get passed to the Unbundle By Name.

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Yes.  That info is in the context help.

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