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Defer control update available in LV? (Not Defer Front Panel Update).

Is there a way to defer only one control's FP updatein LV?  When I defer front panel update, the whole front panel with all other indicator flashes.  Hence I'm looking for such only one control defer.  Is it possible in LabVIEW?  Or does the option like synchronous display will help in this?


Backgound of my need is that, I format a string in string indicator programatically with lot of property nodes.  I change its color, boldness, font, etc.., in that indicator.  I do it very frequently and hence the flash occures when I defer whole FP and it's not impressive.




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Post your code.  I've used defer updates a lot and I don't remember seeing it affecting all the controls causing them to flash.  Can you get away without needing to use defer updates?  Can you perform your formatting in ways that are more efficient then it currently is?

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 Don't defer panel updates and set slow control (tree) visibility property to update...set to true. Disabled does not work.

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If setting the control invisible is aesthetically unnaceptable, just put an identical control under the other control.

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