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Defer Multicolumn Listbox Update

Hi All,


I have a rather large multicolumn list box that I use to display tabular data. It's about 20 rows long and about 100 colums wide. I also paint the cell background different colors depending on the data that's in there.


It can take a long time, ~1sec to update the listbox, and I can see the colors being painted sequentially. Can I delay the control update of the listbox so it paints everything and then redraws once?


- Ken

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User the Defer Panel Updates property.  It will disable updated for all controls until you turn it off.

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You asked this question yesterday and already got an answer.  Twice yesterday.


Why did you ask again?

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Hey Ravens Fan,


I'm really sorry about that. I didn't realize they had both been posted. I think they got lost somewhere in a sea of tabs.


- Ken

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