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Default acquisition mode on DAQ NI 6124 card ?

Hi dear all,

I was taking for granted an answer ( ‘NI 6124 works uniquely in differential mode’) in a past post ( 'input terminal configuration NI 6124' )

but recently was confused while observing important ( > 40dB on some frequencies + different spectral shape) differences observed in

signals acquired  in both ‘differential’ and ‘default’ mode.

That mode was changed via input ‘terminal configuration’ on the DAQmx ‘Create channel’ VI,

while configuration on the BNC 2090 rack interface was kept constant (SE + RSE on all analog inputs ).

Can anybody tell where this difference could come from and what type of input configuration is used when ‘default’ mode

is set ?

NI 6124 DAQ card wasn’t listed when considering a NI table describing all default modes vs. DAQ card type, found in Labview help,  thus am lost.

Thanks in advance for your nice answers !




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Hello Charles,


If you set default value but you card only works in differential, then the channel is created as differential.

Guilherme Correa
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